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Hi, my name is Franny, and before a forest fire burnt down my home, I was a pretty normal and boring person. Tragedy, however, has the power to make you learn new things and see where you went wrong. I do not want anyone to suffer the trauma I did after that fire, and as a result, I have created this blog. It focuses on how to prepare your home for damage. Whether you are worried about typhoons, fires or any other type of threat, you will find the tips about damage reduction, property protection and damage contractors you need here.

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Four Reasons To Have Professionals Clean Up After A Big Flooding Problem

When you have a major flood that results in a lot of water coming into your home, the first thing you'll need to do is get rid of the water and dry out your home. Some homeowners endeavor to do this themselves, but in the majority of cases, the best choice is to hire a water damage restoration contractor to clean up the water damage for you. Here's why.

1. Flood water can bring dangerous bacteria along with it.

Flood water is not clean water. Usually, when the area around you floods, the sewers also overflow. This contaminates the flood waters, so when they flow into your home, they bring bacteria with them. Even if the water does not smell, it could be carrying E. coli, Salmonella, and other infectious agents with it. Professionals have the equipment and knowledge to protect themselves as they clean up and come into contact with these flood waters. Without this expertise, your risk illness when you clean up the water yourself.

2. Flood water cleanup is time-consuming.

Cleaning up flood waters is not a one-day project. You have to bail out the water, set up fans to ventilate the space, move the fans the next day or so, and then figure out how to deal with all of the building materials that don't dry and need to be stripped out of the space. You'll be dedicating at least two weeks of full-time work to this project if you do it yourself. Leave it to the pros so you can continue working and satisfying family obligations.

3. Flood cleanup requires a lot of equipment.

You can't just bail the water out with a bucket and then towel dry the floor. You need a pump to remove the water, industrial-strength fans to blow air inside, and tall boots to protect your legs and feet. A professional water damage restoration company has all of this equipment. Buying it yourself would cost thousands, and if there are companies in your area that rent such equipment, you may have a hard time renting it with all of the neighbors doing the same.

4. Proper cleanup is essential to prevent mold growth.

There is not a lot of room for error when it comes to flood water cleanup. If you don't act fast enough or get the area dry enough, you will end up with mold growth, which is dangerous. A specialized company will ensure the water is removed before mold can set in. Since you are not experienced in water damage restoration, it may take you longer—so mold is more likely to grow. 

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