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Hi, my name is Franny, and before a forest fire burnt down my home, I was a pretty normal and boring person. Tragedy, however, has the power to make you learn new things and see where you went wrong. I do not want anyone to suffer the trauma I did after that fire, and as a result, I have created this blog. It focuses on how to prepare your home for damage. Whether you are worried about typhoons, fires or any other type of threat, you will find the tips about damage reduction, property protection and damage contractors you need here.

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3 Causes Of Summer Water Damage Every Home Owner Should Be Aware Of

It seems like water damage problems are more common during rainy seasons like spring or through freezing weather in the winter, but the summer presents a number of problems on its own. Instead of taking your home and pipes for granted, you should be prepared for any type of damage that can come your way. By being properly prepared for water damage in the summer, you can minimize the damage, prevent mold growth, and ensure that your home stays protected. During these warm months, there are three different things to be on the lookout for. By keeping an eye on them, you can quickly stop any possible water damage and reverse the process that has occurred.

Air Conditioners

Both central AC units and window units can create water damage for your homes in the summer. As you attempt to cool off your home from the summer heat, an air conditioner produces a lot of water through general operation and condensation. For window units, the water drainage pipe is supposed to be aimed outside of the window so no condensation or liquid enters the home. If the air conditioner is not set level in the window, then the water leak can easily enter the inside of the home. Water in the areas surrounding the air conditioner can cause damage to flooring and carpets and even result in the formation of mold.

Central air conditioning units use even more water as cool air is supplied to the whole house. Problems can occur when debris or algae growth results in a drain line clog. If these drain lines are not properly cleaned out, water can slowly leak and create a lot of damage for your home. Problems may become worse when drain lines are located in areas that you cannot see. This includes basements and outdoor storage areas. Along with cleaning out the drain line yourself, you can hire water damage specialists to help clean up any areas where water has leaked. Inspections can also be completed for moldy areas or permanent flooring damage that needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Home Irrigation Systems

Summer is an important time for lawn care. People love to mow their lawn, keep the grass green, and make everything look fresh with the use of a home irrigation system. Whether you have sprinklers installed in the ground or you run out a hose, it's important to be aware of any water issues. Sprinklers should not aim any water directly towards the home. Puddles and areas of water can form, eventually leaking into the foundation and creating water damage issues. The pipes used for an underground irrigation system should also be examined for any possible damage. A leaking pipe can result in basement flooding or water issues for your home. If you do notice a flooding issue, you should turn off the water supply and contact a water damage company as soon as possible. The quicker they respond, the quicker they can prevent any permanent water damage.

Animal Structural Damage

As summer arrives, it may seem like the exterior of your home has turned into a wildlife preserve. Birds, squirrels, and larger pests roam freely during the summer, and in some cases, they can create damage to your home. Nests built into gutters and animals digging at foundations of a home are just a few of the problems that can occur during the summer. Once this damage occurs, a summer rainstorm can quickly cause flooding issues in your home. By examining your gutters and foundation, you can prevent these issues from occurring. If flooding does occur, it's important to find the source of the flooding and try to block it off before more water enters the home. After the storm has passed, a water damage company can help you drain your home of flood water and repair any damage that has occurred.

A water damage company can also help you install various upgrades to help manage water issues in the future. This includes basement drains and fixes in your foundation. For more information, contact a local company like Accutech Restoration